A social organization serving women in the
Lake of the Ozarks are
Newcomers / Longtimers
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Newcomers/Longtimers Home Tour
Where: Horseshoe Bend Parkway
When:  Saturday, May 20
Time:  10am - 4pm
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Thompson House - Champ d’Or, meaning fields of gold
Mills House - House with a view.... and what a view
Photo Courtesy of Lake Lifestyles
Henry House - Experience the Mediterranean right here at the lake
Photo Courtesy of Lake Lifestyles
Mead House - House on the point
Photo Courtesy of Thomas Construction
If you have never been on the Newcomers/Longtimers home tour, if you have
not attended in several years or if you attend every year... you will definitely not
want to miss this year's home tour. There will be 5 houses starting with the
Thompson house at a jaw dropping 15,000 square feet, the Henry house with
12,000 square feet, the Mead house across from Port Arrowhead at 10,000
square feet and more.

Advanced tickets are now available at a 20% discount! All of the best the lake
has to offer and a discount ticket!

To place your ticket order email
Nclthometour@gmail.com. Be sure to place
your ticket order soon to receive the discounted price.
Yoder - Photo Courtesy of Jane Kelly ReMax