A social organization serving women in the
Lake of the Ozarks are
Newcomers / Longtimers
There are 6 homes on the
tour this year so be sure to
check back often for updates
Newcomers/Longtimers Home Tour
Where: Porto Cima & The Villages
When:  Saturday, May 19
Time:  10am - 4pm
Click on the photo of each
house for more information
This incredible Mediterranean house is featured in the 2018 March/April issue
of LO Profile
If you have never been on the Newcomers/Longtimers home tour, if you have
not attended in several years or if you attend every year... you will definitely not
want to miss this year's home tour.  This year’s tour is slightly larger than in
recent years with six of the lakes most premier homes to be included in the
tour.  The tour begins at the Porto Cima Yacht Club which serves as the home
tour headquarters.

Advanced tickets are now available at a 20% discount! All of the best the lake
has to offer and a discount ticket!

To place your ticket order email
Nclthometour@gmail.com. Be sure to place
your ticket order soon to receive the discounted price.
Built to accentuate the arches, this one of a kind house is featured in the 2018
May/June issue of LO Profile
Complex steeply pitched gable roofline, beefy columns clad in stone, a
rough-hewn stone foundation with a shingled exterior merges classic Shingle
Style with rustic Lodge Style charm.
This modern but cozy home was completed just 7 months ago!
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