A social organization serving women in the
Lake of the Ozarks are
Newcomers / Longtimers
The Community Awareness Committee is up and running for the new year of 2017-2016 with the
theme of "The Power of Volunteerism."  We will explore how various aspects of our community  are
improved and enhanced through volunteerism.   The volunteer groups may be as small as one or two
people or have hundreds of folks working together to bring about good and change.  Representatives
of the various groups will speak to us at our monthly luncheons.

October, our first group is the Idiots Club.  Denny and Danna Hiner founded The Lake of the Ozarks
Idiots Club, a 501(c)3 charity and is all volunteer!  The Charity’s mission statement is: The Jesters of
Goodwill dedicated to helping youth in-need in the Lake area.  The primary goal is to improve the self-
esteem of in-need children by providing basic needs and making it possible for them to participate in
school or community activities. Come find out how these folks have a good time while helping out
youth in our community.  

November - Lake Arts Council
  • "Serve, educate, and enrich our community through the arts"

Dedicated to nurturing the arts at the Lake of the Ozarks. Whether it’s bringing the Missouri
Symphony to the Lake or sponsoring Student Art Quest, we try to fill the cultural needs of the Lake

December - Hope House
  • "Offer hope and short-term help to those in need within our community"
  • Group of local churches working together

The Hope House provides food and personal necessities, as well as other emergency assistance,
through the Hope House Food Pantry, to residents within the general Lake Of The Ozarks area. Hope
House is currently assisting over 350 families or approximately 1,000 children and adults once each

January - Habitat for Humanity
  • Brings people together to build hope through affordable housing

Since becoming an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International in 1997, Habitat for Humanity
helped low-income families living in sub-standard housing achieve their dream of homeownership.  
hey are presently starting on house #18 which should be ready for occupancy in November.  It is a
success story in Camden County of volunteer workers partnering with individual donors; business and
corporate sponsors; churches; and social and community organizations to construct safe, comfortable,
affordable shelters.  

February - Animal shelter

March - Camden County Museum
  • Preserving the history of Camden County
  • Increasing interest in and awareness of Camden County history

April – Cancer Center/Lake Regional
  • Many ways volunteers assist cancer patients
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Cancer patients support

Lake Regional's Cancer Center addresses a wide variety of cancers, including breast cancer lung
cancer, colorectal cancer and many more. Each type of cancer is a little different, and the therapies
that work best on these cancers can vary. A number of programs are available to patients including
understanding how to manage the side effects of cancer treatments and the life changes cancer can

May - LOWA
  • "Preserve, protect, and improve the Lake of the Ozarks watershed, its waters and natural
    resources, while maintaining our economic, social, and environmental health has