A social organization serving women in the
Lake of the Ozarks area
Newcomers / Longtimers

One of the first things new members learn about Newcomers/Longtimers is that not only is it a social organization
made up of a group of fun outgoing ladies, but an organization that transforms lives through financial donations to
lake area charities and scholarships for college students.

One of the responsibilities and privileges of being the president of Newcomers Longtimers is to choose the charities
and scholarship recipients that will benefit from the proceeds of the annual home tour.  The following scholarships
and charities have been chosen by the Newcomers Longtimers 2017-2018 President to be the recipients of the
proceeds from the 2018 home tour.


Scholarships will be awarded to Lake Career and Technical Center.  LCTC  is run by the Camdenton School District so
high school students can enroll in these programs, but adults are also enrolled to go back and retrain for a career.  
All of the programs, except Marine Service Technology, are co-mingled between adult education and high school
students.  The 2018 Newcomers Longtimers scholarships will be awarded for adult education.  The programs

  • Computers and Digital Media
  • Culinary
  • Building Trades
  • Collision Repair
  • Marine Service Technology
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Auto Tech

In prior year N/L has awarded scholarships to students enrolled in Marine Service Technology as well as nursing
and other fields of study.  Assistant director, Kathy Hueste, as well as teachers of students who have received a
scholarship, have indicated that the scholarships really have meant a lot to the students who received them.  You
realize how touching it is to feel like you made a difference in the lives of the chosen adult students.  


Kids Harbor -The mission of Kids Harbor is to provide coordinated response, healing and prevention of child abuse.  
Kids Harbor was also a beneficiary of the 2017 home tour.  The number of abuse cases in the lake area is
staggering.  The child is their first priority.  70% of the abuse they deal with is sexual abuse.  Children do not choose
their parents or their environment and are not  able to remove themselves from the abusive environment without

Sexual Assault Response Team (S.A.R.T.) are a group of community professionals who work to coordinate an
immediate, high quality, multidisciplinary, victim centered response to sexual assault cases.  The team creates a
mechanism to monitor the effectiveness of the response and to promptly address problems in service delivery.

Nurses on the S.A.R.T. work at Lake Regional, but have special training in forensic nursing. They work closely with
Kids Harbor and CADV.  Their specialized training can increase the likelihood that victims and their families will seek
follow up assistance and long term support to promote healing, whether or not a formal police report is filed. Their
special training also allows them to deal with these difficult special circumstances in an extraordinary way.  

By supporting these two charities with the proceeds of the 2018 home tour Newcomers Longtimers will help to both
prevent child abuse and heal those innocent children who have been harmed to have a better life.)
Newcomers/Longtimers Charities and Scholarships,   
It’s Why We Do What We Do!