A social organization serving women in the
Lake of the Ozarks area
Newcomers / Longtimers
The key to longevity and success lies in one’s ability to adapt, change and grow, a formula that
Newcomers/Longtimers has down pat. In addition to the long standing card & games, which attracts as many as
70 women, and dining out at the lakes many fine restaurants, Newcomers/Longtimers has added a number of
new activities for its members including cooking classes that are more about eating than cooking and happy
hour once a month for sharing good times.  If you have been wanting to  to see the latest movie release, but have
no one to go with, join the N/L ladies for a movie and dinner the last Tuesday of every month. Planning to read
the book before you see the movie? N/L has several book clubs were you can while away the afternoon
discussing murder, mayhem and intrigue. But the plot thickens! N/L also has a bunco day and a hiking group so
you never know where the twists and turns will take you or what new activity the N/L group will add to take you
on a new and fun adventure. The best way to choose your own adventure and continue the story?  Join
Newcomers/ Longtimers today click on
Membership or contact Paula Constantini at 727-492-5328.

For additional activities, dates, time and locations click on the

Advance reservations are required for most N/L activities.  Members receive an evite for each event, activity or
trip which allows you to RSVP for that activity and/or provides additional information such as date, time,
location and cost.

Book Clubs - For additional information, dates, times and locations, please contact Mariah Swinker, 816-556-
6260 or Paula Constantini 727-492-5328

Cards & Games is held on the 1st Thursday of each month, October through May, from 10:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.
(Please arrive by 9:45 a.m.)
Click here to view additional information on location and cost or contact Robyn
Roehl at 317-750-3020.

Newbies – Meet and Greet Newbie luncheons are held throughout the year so that our Newbies have a chance
to meet other Newbies and some of the Newcomers/Longtimers board members.   If you are new to the
Newcomers /Longtimers organization we hope that you are able to join us for one of our Meet and Greet
luncheons.  For more information contact Chris Seider at  816-853-7666.

Luncheons - Luncheon meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, October through May.  Social hour
begins at 11:00a.m., business meeting at 11:30a.m. and luncheon at noon, followed by various programs
designed to interest, inform and entertain. The cost of each luncheon is $20.00. Click here for more
information and a schedule of dates and locations or contact Iris Wright at 314-221-15252 to make a

Dining Out - Dining Out is a social evening with spouses and friends held once a month at various restaurants,
wineries and venues around the lake.  The cost of each dinner is approximately $35.00 all inclusive.  
Click here
for more information or contact  Julie Lane VanMeter at 414-517-4733.

Singles Saturday Night Out – Newcomers/Longtimers newest activity will be held the first Saturday of each
month at various dining venues around the lake.  For information and location please click on the calendar tab at
the top of the page.  Reservations are required one week in advance.  For additional information or reservations
contact Robyn Shepherd 240-423-8792.

Bunco - Bunco is one of Newcomers/Longtimers favorite activities.  If you have never played bunco, no worries.
Bunco is a game of chance and roll of the dice.  If you can roll dice you can play bunco.  The ladies meet at
Golden Corral at 11:00am the 4th Thursday of each month with the exception of November and December when
the group will not meet. Each person pays for their own lunch with an additional $3. added to the kitty for
prizes.  Reservations for Bunco are required.  You can make a reservation by contacting Pat Thompson at 573-
365-9126 or Linda Corning at 573-365-9933.

Everybody Buncos - Everyone is welcome to play bunco including spouses when everybody buncos.  For
additional information, dates, times and locations, please contact Dee Long at 619-504-0793
.  Advanced
reservations as required.  

Happy  Hour - Newcomers/Longtimers know how to party!  For dates and locations or additional information
contact Pat Kreger at 816-304-1387

Don’t see your favorite activity listed?  Contact Martha Black Morrow at 515-577-6917 with your suggestion.